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In this section you will learn the verbs. Verbs are like the heart of any sentence. If you know how to use them, you’re half way there!!
It’s very simple!


It usually gets the same form as the infinitive. However, don’t forget that the third person (He, She and It) has an extra “s” at the end (Egg.: We like, He likes)


Regular verbs only need the famous “ed” at the end to become Past. On the other hand, irregular verbs get a different word.


The same thing as the Past form. You may now ask “So how will I know if the word is in the Past or Participle?”
Well, you will know it by the shape of the sentence. You will simply understand that “I liked her” could never be “Eu gostado dela”. It just doesn’t make sense!


Just put the “ing” at the end and you will have your verb in the gerund. But please be careful to translate it if you are in Portugal or in Brazil. (Egg.: Eu estou tomando banho / Eu estou a tomar banho)

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