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Class 6 – Modal Verbs

Quick Guide
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I didn’t feel very well yesterday. I _____ eat anything.

  1. cannot
  2. couldn’t
  3. mustn’t

You _____ look at me when I am talking to you.

  1. could
  2. should
  3. would


I was using my pencil a minute ago. It _____ be here somewhere!

  1. can
  2. could
  3. must
  4. would


You really _____ be late again.

  1. must not
  2. don’t have to be


Entrance to the museum was free. We _____ pay to get in.

  1. needn’t
  2. didn’t need to

If you don’t start working harder, you ….. repeat the course next year.

  1. have to
  2. must
  3. will have to


His parents spoil him. He’s always _____ to do whatever he wants.

  1. been able
  2. been allowed


Phone her now. She _____ home by now.

  1. has to be
  2. must be
  3. would be


You _____ forget your sun cream. It’s going to be very hot!

  1. don’t have to
  2. mustn’t
  3. needn’t


I _____ be able to help you, but I’m not sure yet.

  1. might
  2. would