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Class 4 – Determiners


What are determiners?

Determiners are words that introduce a noun and provide some information about it (but DO NOT describe it).

Ex: The ball, her hair, many cats.


Definite Article
  • The
Indefinite Article
  • A, an
  • This, that, these, those
  • my, your, his, her, its, our, their
  • a few, a little, much, many, a lot of, most, some, any
  • one, ten, thirty
  • all, both, half, either, neither, each, every
Difference words
  • other, another
  • such, what, rather, quite
Fill in the blank spaces
  1. Could you bring me _____ books I left in the garden? (Demonstratives)
  2. _____ sun rises from the east. (The, a, an)
  3. The doctor advised me to eat _____ apple every morning. (The, a, an)
  4. There aren’t _____ students in the library. (much, many, a lot)
  5. I haven’t got _____ pictures in my bedroom. (some, any, many)
  6. She gave a cookie to _____ child. (any, all, each)
  7. I’ve got to solve _____ math problems before I go to sleep. (any, some, all)
  8. (While eating cherries) _____ cherries are delicious! (Demonstratives)
  9. My mother doesn’t drink _____ coffee. (much, many, a lot)
  10. I always keep _____ money in my wallet for emergencies. (any, every, some)
Choose the correct form
  1. They were bored because there was little/a little to do.score
  2. We invited few/a few friends over to our house for a barbecue.score
  3. Most/every of the cakes had been baked the day before.score
  4. Sally didn’t take many/many of photos when she went on holiday.
  5. The teacher gave every/each of the students a piece of paper.score
  6. Every one of my friend/my friends sent me a birthday card, but none of them bought me a present.
  7. Henry had any/no idea what the answer to the question was.score
  8. I like many of her songs, but not some/all of them are good.score